Agriculture Department

Agriculture Dept is one of the nine academic depts in kitale national polytechnic.It has grown fom a course,to a section and finally to a full department.

The dept has also grown from a population of less than ten students few years ago to current number on session of 288 and 116 on attachment.

The dept offers courses ranging from Artisan to Diploma in general agriculture on full time and part time basis.The dept has introduced a new course in diploma entrepreneurial agriculture with the first lot doing their attachment currently.

We have a team of 8 permanent trainers,4 on part time and 1 technician. Together we strive to impart knowledge to the trainees so that they can use to enhance their capabilities on overcoming thechallenges of the current trends.


1 Diploma mod 1 GA KCSE C- Sept and january KNEC
2 Diploma mod 2 Pass in mod1 and certificate in general agriculture May and january KNEC
3 Diploma mod 3 Pass in mod 2 May and January KNEC
4 Diploma Enrepreneurial agriculture mod 1 KCSE C Sept KNEC
5 Dip mod 2 Pass in mod 1


sept KNEC
6 Artisan in Agriculture KCSE D-or KCPE Sept KNEC