Message From The Principal



I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our website. Thank you for finding time to access, view and discover who we are and what we do.

Kitale National Polytechnic is mandated to provide Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship training. The polytechnic provides a broad-based curriculum to our trainees within which we strive to nurture the talents they possess. Our approach to learning places emphasis on equal opportunity for all, and provides flexibility in response to an ever changing market.

The polytechnic is strategically located in a dominantly agricultural region which is referred to as the “Bread Basket of Kenya”. The Polytechnic has upgraded its facilities and equipment with funding from Government of Kenya, Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training, in a bid to live to its dream of being a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture. We aim to impart Modern Agricultural Skills that would impact positively to the farming population with the ultimate goal of attaining food security regionally and nationally. The polytechnic looks forward to utilization of newly acquired equipment from The People’s Republic of China .programmers offered will revolve around utilization of the land resource for wealth creation and food sustainability. The polytechnic also offers other skill based industry relevant programs which will ensure our graduate’s employability.

I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the role played by the industry and other stakeholders that contribute immensely towards meeting our objectives. Collaboration with industries on trainees’ attachment, internship and recently on curriculum development through Industrial Advisory Committees (IAC) has encouraged technology transfer among the trainees. These has led to exposure of the trainees to real work situations and emerging technologies at workplace for purpose of adapting to industrial new standards and contribute positively towards Vision 2030.

We are grateful to our parents/guardians/sponsors and other stakeholders in TVET for entrusting us with the noble role of transforming the young Kenyans into a responsible and diligent workforce for our beloved country Kenya.

We appreciate the role played by Government of Kenya towards funding, Sponsorship of our trainees and Policy guidance. We also appreciate other stakeholders’ like KENHA, NCA, KCB foundation, EQUITY foundation, KEFEP, all our industry partners among others for supporting our programs

Finally, on behalf of Kitale National Polytechnic fraternity, I wish to re-affirm our commitment to fulfilling our mandate as a training institution to produce quality manpower for the various sectors of our economic development. This is our contribution to the growth of our dear country KENYA”