Examinations Department

  • This office that deals with all examinations issues in the Institute.
  • They are two types of examinations done at the college;


  1. Internal Exams


  • This exams are set by the college lecture`s at the end of eachterm or stage. It contains two parts;
  • A.T. which account for 30% of the total marks.
  • End term/Stage exams which account for 70% of the marks.
  • The end term/end stage exams are normally submitted to various examining bodies showing the progress of student while in the institute.
  • All this exams are processed in the exams office.


  1. External Exams


  • This are exams administered in the college but offered by external examinations bodies.
  • Various bodies whose exams are administered in the college include;
  1. Nursing Council
  3. KNEC
  4. NITA


  • Entry requirement for various exams depend on the external examining body e.g.
  • Entry requirement for KNEC;


Level Examining body Entry requirement
Artisan KNEC K C P E to D-
Craft KNEC D to D+
Diploma KNEC C- and above
Higher Diploma KNEC Diploma


  • For those students who have their exams outside the country they require their certificates to be equated by the various examination bodies before entry into the college.