Industrial Liaison Department

The industrial liaisons department Kitale National Polytechnic has the following core functions:

1.Briefing of students proceeding on industrial attachment at any given term.

2.Issuing of students with the requirement s for attachment which include

a) Introduction letters to industry.

b) Insurance certificates.

c) Log books.

3.Preparing of assessment budget and sending out lecturers to assess students in the field.

4.Issuing of attachment certificates on successful completion of attachment.

Our task commences when the departmental attachment coordinators furnish the department with the lists of students proceeding on attachment in a given period. After briefing the students on industry and polytechnic expectations of attachés, we proceed to prepare their insurance certificates which we procure from an external insurance provider, currently, Intra Africa Assurance Company, who on receiving the list immediately prepare the policies and post them back to us for onward delivery to the students.

According to the academic policy, Modular students are supposed to have 330 hours attachment after first year, and 330 hours after second year.

The TEP students are supposed to have only one attachment after second year and a total of 330 hours.

The students normally seek for attachment places themselves and then send us information as to where they are attached. In some cases where it becomes difficult to find places, we have liaised with NITA to place them though these are normally very rare cases.

Currently, we have 979 students out in the field for attachment for the period ending December 2018.